Tal Handaq Videos Title

Tal Handaq Videos Title

The video can optionally be viewed full screen by clicking the broken rectangle icon at bottom right inside the viewing window (accessed by moving cursor into screen area once play has started).  At full screen you'll probably find it better to sit a bit back from the screen as the result is a little blurry, however in my opinion it's a more immersive experience.    Click Esc key to return to window mode.

The video starts in the bus parking area with a shot of the little handyman building.  The camera then pans across the back of Block-7 (the Romney classroom block with the long side-extension).  We see Block-6 across the road then a shot of the tennis/basketball court with blocks 8 and 9 behind and finally a view of Liceo Vassalli's enclosed football pitches.

The Scene switches to Block-17 (the music room).  We walk behind the gym and changing rooms and look down the walkway between the school hall (R) and changing rooms (L).  We turn right and walk up the path towards blocks 4 and 5 (ahead). Looking to our right we see Block-6 between the end of Block-17 (R) and Block-5 (L).

We follow Mandy along the walkway at the end of Block-4 (other buildings can be seen behind a planted area)  taking a look back at the  side of Block-4 before continuing along the path in front of Block-3.

Leaving the path we take a look inside a ground floor classroom in Block-15. The camera then pans along the front of Block-15, the back of Block-16 and across the boys toilet block before entering an empty classroom at the back of single story Block-14.

We look through a classroom window into what looks like a science classroom (not quite sure which block this is as the reflections are a bit puzzling?).

Finally we take a last look around the top of the school:  Block-1, the Science Block, the Tuck Shop and "Mr Plants building" next to Block-12.

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