Tal Handaq Videos Title

Tal Handaq Videos Title

The video can optionally be viewed full screen by clicking the broken rectangle  icon at bottom right inside the viewing window (accessed by moving cursor into screen area once play has started).   Make sure resolution is set to 720p.      At full screen you'll probably find it better to sit a bit back from the screen as the result is a little blurry, however in my opinion it's a more immersive experience.    Press Esc key to return to window mode.

This video clip starts with a shot of the flagpoles in the top end of the Admin garden (flags of Malta and EU).   The bust is of the first Liceo Vassalli headmaster, John Michael Testa (1981-86).   Panning clockwise there is a shot of Block-11 (the NAAFI or "school dinner block") and the Liceo Vassalli Tuck Shop.   The video looks up the side of Block-12 (on left) to the open tarmac area.   Left to right we see the end of the Science Block (Block-13), Classroom Block-1, the single story classroom Block-14 and immediately across the road is the boys' toilet block.

The video them switches to the roadway between Block-9 (on left) and the gym (on right). Next we see the "New" Music Room (Block 17).  We pass the netball court on the right and two of the Romney blocks: Block-6 and Block-5 on the left.  The video continues with with an end view of Block-7 and looking across the road to a side-on view of Block-6.  Finally we look back down the road for a last look at the gym.

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